ConsultingAccessibility consulting services

Comprehensive service

We offer a global accessibility consulting service ranging from: accessibility assessments and improvement proposals; accessibility plan execution including user validation; advice on how to effectively communicate your accessibility plan and evaluate objectives achieved. All this, with our professional support throughout the process.

We address three accessibility dimensions:

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Physical accessibility

Architecture, interior design, sensory aspects (lighting, acoustics, materials ...).

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Communicative Accessibility

Design of the messages to be transmitted and the ways of doing it so that they reach their recipients effectively and are easily understood (signage, location, internal and external communication…).

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Social accessibility

Training focused on diverse service needs, as well as knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of accessibility of our organization, product, activity, service or environment.

Consulting services:

1. Diagnosis of current accessibility situations.

2. Action plan: proposal of solutions and / or alternatives to improve accessibility.

3. Support during the implementation of improvement plans and implementation of specific accessibility solutions.

4. Execution of accessibility projects: development of the necessary documentation and management and execution of turnkey work.

5. Advice on accessibility and user experience for online services such as web pages, mobile applications and content management on social media.

6. Inclusive events organization advice.

sesion de consultoria de accesibilidad en las oficinas de accessible for all

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